Travelers who are exempt from the mandatory 10-day self-quarantine under the State of Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program or with an exemption as recovered from covid-19 do not need to comply with these post-arrival testing requirements. 

For information relating to applying for a travel quarantine exemption, please visit:

Testing requirements

Traveler(s) who receive a limited exemption from the Department of the Attorney General for CISA purposes must take COVID-19 tests after arrival in Hawaiʻi as follows:

  1. Traveler(s) shall take a first COVID-19 test at any time between the day of their arrival and 3 days after arrival (the first post-arrival COVID-19 test)
  2. Traveler(s) shall take a second COVID-19 test 3 to 4 days following the day they took their first post-arrival COVID-19 test (the second post-arrival COVID-19 test)
  3. Traveler(s) shall take an additional COVID-19 test 7 days after their first post-arrival COVID-19 test (the third post-arrival COVID-19 test)

The post-arrival COVID-19 tests may be antigen tests or nucleic acid amplification (NAAT)/polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

Traveler(s) shall comply with these post-arrival testing requirements for 10 days following arrival in Hawaii or for the duration of their stay in Hawaii, whichever period of time is shorter. 

Traveler(s) do not need to upload their test results to any website but the Department of Health may audit compliance with these post-arrival testing requirements. If Traveler(s) are found not to have complied with these requirements, Traveler(s) and their organizations will be ineligible for future exemptions.

Traveler(s) who test positive from a post-arrival test should contact the Department of Health - Disease Outbreak Control Division at (808) 586-4586.

Daily health check-ins

For the period of ten (10) calendar days following arrival in the City, Exemption Holders shall respond to wellness and/or location checks via the LumiSight Workplace application.

By voluntarily exercising the exemption granted by the State, and using the LumiSight Workplace application, Exemption Holders agree to share the location data provided at the time of their responses to daily wellness/location checks, via the application, with City and State authorities to ensure compliance with the exemption granted.